Directory of the best puzzle games

# Icon Game Name Game Developer Game Answers Our Rating
1 Wordbrain MAG Interactive Wordbrain Answers 5/5
2 Word Addict Platinum Player Word Addict Answers 5/5
3 Word Crossy Gu Yunhe Word Crossy Answers 5/5
4 Daily POP Crosswords PuzzleNation Daily POP Crosswords Answers 5/5
5 Daily Themed Crossword PlaySimple Games Daily Themed Crossword Answers 5/5
6 Wordalot MAG Interactive Wordalot Answers 4/5
7 WordCookies Cross BitMango Word Cookies Cross Answers 3/5
8 Word Connect Zentertain LTD Word Connect Answers 3/5
9 Word Mocha PeopleFun Inc Word Mocha Answers 5/5
10 Word Champion BitMango Word Champion Answers 5/5
11 Word Sandwich Crazy Labs Word Sandwich Answers 5/5
12 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Sony Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Answers 5/5
13 Brain Out Eyewind Limited Brain Out Answers 5/5
14 Brain Test Unico Studio Brain Test Lösungen 5/5